SES is a family business started in May 2007.
We invent and manufacture machines to help cut the workload in farming to a minimum.

We specialise in sheep handling equipment. We manufacture several types of sheep races. Fixed races and mobile races. We invented a new type rollover crate. This rollover crate can be used to dose /tag / dag /and rollover sheep it's also on wheels. We do all types of sheep penning for sheepyards. We also do penning gates with a slide on the bottom which allows the operator to slide several penning gates at one time to tighten up sheep in the pen. Our sheep handling equipment in manufactured to a very high standard. Our mobile sheepyards are designed to suit big or small flocks. Set up time takes from ten to fifteen minutes. Our mobile sheep yards are designed from experience of handling sheep. With under floor Footbaths and our telescopic handle. It makes working with sheep an enjoyable experience.

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